Separately Managed Accounts

  • The Offense and Defense of Disciplined Portfolio Balance

    Correlations in “growth” and “value” equity factors may undercut the diversification benefits of benchmark-relative exposures to sectors and geographies. Consistent portfolio balance by “styles,” though, can lower beta and lift alpha.

  • Portfolio Allocation Amid the Tidal Effects of Renewed Fed Easing

    The Fed is poised to join the global easing bandwagon, fueling a surge in risk asset prices. As market distortions from easy money grow, so does the importance of security selection and portfolio allocation.

  • The Perils of Inflexible, Formulaic Investing

    As downward pressure on negative bond yields builds, a flexible approach helps in the search for attractive, relative values.

Thornburg Investment Management has, since 1998, served investors through a diverse series of separately managed accounts offered to high net worth individuals and institutions. To ensure consistency, the separate account strategies are managed with the same bottom-up, disciplined investment process that has guided Thornburg’s portfolios for more than three decades.

Our equity portfolios are driven by fundamental, bottom-up research. We are disciplined, long-term investors with diversified, concentrated portfolios. Read more about our equity investment process.

We view the role of bonds in a portfolio more conservatively than many asset managers. We believe that a fixed-income position should serve as a ballast for a well-diversified portfolio, not as the sails of the ship. Read more.

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